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Scent Descriptions

Aphrodite- Ever since Cosmo Magazine revealed the secret effect on men of blending pumpkin and lavender scents.. the requests keep rolling in for this one! Offered for the first time on our website.. this is sure to put your man in the mood for love! Aphrodite is another Lizzy Candles Original so don't be fooled by imposters!
Baby Powder- Fresh and clean scent
Bayberry- A strong Christmas bayberry (Seasonal)
Buttery Pumpkin Pie- A bestseller! A slice of delicious pumpkin pie with a hint of spice
Cabernet- Just like the wine!
Cashmere- As smooth as cashmere- special blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and a touch of cranberry
Celtic Moonspice- An enchanting secret blend of warm spices, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg
Chanel No 5- Perfect duplication of the upscale timeless classic
Christmas Eve Type- Yankee type
Cinnamon Styx- A spicy cinnamon
Creamy Vanilla Bean- Rich and creamy vanilla Love, love it!
Creme Brulee- Perfect blend of vanilla and caramel
Da Lime and Da Coconut- BBW Coconut lime verbena type, very fresh aroma
Fresh Waterfall Mist- Very popular, fresh, clean scent
Gingerbread- A great blend of spice rounds out this gingerbread scent
Grandma’s Kitchen- A Best seller, a blend of apple and cinnamon, all grandma’s goodies in one!
Grape Vineyard- A Best seller, an incredibly strong grape scent, like standing in a vineyard
Happy Birthday!-Awesome scent! Moist white cake and sweet buttercream frosting! Yummy!
Holiday Enchantment- A Bestseller, a cinnamon blend with a touch vanilla & sweet (seasonal)
Holiday Wreath- Great scent of fresh balsam
Hot Apple Pie-A Best seller, a fresh baked pie just out of the oven
Iced Cinnamon Buns- Hot cinnamon buns fresh from the oven with extra 'cream cheese frosting'!
Lilac- It’s like having your very own lilac bush! Excellent throw!
Love Spell Type- Wildly popular VS duplication
MacIntosh Apple- Best MacIntosh Apple we have smelled!
Mom’s Light- Soothing scent of lilac. Perfect for Mother’s day or new Moms!
Merlot- Rich nuances of red grapes blended with the perfect amount of oak/spice. Great unisex scent!
Olde Time Christmas- Fresh cut Xmas tree with a warm woodsy base (seasonal)
Potpourri- a cinnamon blend with a touch of vanilla
Shiraz- New and delicious fruity wine scent
Snickerdoodle- A sweet blend of vanilla, light butter notes, and cinnamon sticks
Snow Angels- A magical blend of evergreen, berries and a light powdery musk, with a touch of sparkle!
Southern Pecan Pie- Yummy! Strong scent of pecan with a hint of filling and crust
Soothing Lavender- A perfect lavender blend with a touch of vanilla sure to relax you!
Sugar Cookie- A bestseller! The sweet, sugary aroma of fresh baked cookies from Grammy’s oven!
Sweet Chestnuts- Butter & nuts with luscious vanilla and spice
“The Stuffy Nose So You Can Rest Candle”- This is a Lizzy Candles original! Don't be fooled by other imitations of this amazing and unique candle! Secret blend of eucalyptus and menthol to soothe all that ails you when you have a cold
"The Candle Man!"- We've captured the intoxicating fragrance of a man..... without the hassle!
Vanilla- A buttery vanilla with an awesome throw!
Winter Spice- Warm apple butter with notes of spice (seasonal)

Please keep in mind scents marked "seasonal" may not always be available out of season

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