Candle Making at Home

Candles are great to have around the house. In addition to providing light when the power goes out, candles are great for setting a relaxing mood and producing a variety of nice fragrances if you use scented candles. A lot of people use candles on a regular basis but only few know how one is made. But, making candles is quite an easy process that anyone can do at home. Follow the following easy steps:

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You’ll need the following:

a) candle-making wax – there are a few types of wax to choose from. Paraffin wax is the most popular wax for candle making because it’s cheap, easily colored, and melts quickly. Soy wax is growing in popularity as it’s easy to use and burns slower than other waxes. It’s also eco-friendly and renewable. Beeswax is all an all-natural wax that has air purifying qualities and a lovely natural scent. However, it doesn’t retain coloring or scent as well as the others.

b) fragrance oil

c) double boiler

d) thermometer

d) heat-proof container (candle mold)

d) candle wick

Step 2: protect the work area

If you don’t have a dedicated work area that you can get some wax on without worrying, you should put towels, rags, wax paper, or newspaper down on the work area.

Step 3: shred your wax into shavings.

Small chunks of wax melt faster than just one big piece of wax. The wax also melts at an even rate.

Step 4: melt the wax

Put your wax into a double boiler to start the melting process. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can create a makeshift one by placing the wax in a small, heat-resistant container then plunging it into a half-full pot with boiling water. As the wax melts, have your thermometer ready to keep an eye on the wax temperature. If you are using paraffin wax, met it until it reaches between 120 and 140 degrees. Soy wax should be between 170 and 180 degrees while Beeswax should be between 140 and 175 degrees.

Step 5: add scent to the melted wax

The scent you use is up to you. You can purchase different kinds of fragrance oils at local craft stores. Read the instructions on the wax and fragrance oil package to know how much to add to the wax and give it a good stir.

At this point, you can add your coloring if you want colored candles.

Step 6: Prepare your candle making mold

The candle mold can be a tin, mason jar, old teacup, or any container that you are sure can withstand heat. Place the wick in the center of your candle mold and leave about two inches of the wick sticking out. Loop the end which will not be in the wax around a pen or chopstick and rest it across the top of the candle mold with the wick hanging down into the center of the mold.

Step 7: pour the wax into the mold

Pour your melted wax slowly and carefully into the mold until the candle is of your desired size.

Step 8: cool the wax

Leave the wax to cool off and solidify for about 24 hours.

Step 9: light your candle

Cut off the excess wick and leave about a quarter inch sticking out of the candle. Light it up and enjoy your masterpiece.

Welcome to Lizzy Candles

For the Love of Lizzy Candles was inspired by the birth of my daughter, Elizabeth in 2001. I had always loved candles and started candle making as a hobby after she was born. As time went on I began refining my art. After many hours of research and testing, I perfected my formulas. With a great deal of encouragement from my husband, Josh, as well as friends and family, I opened, For the Love of Lizzy Candles! It has been a wonderful and profitable business since then. I’ve met many people and made a few friends along the way! Thank you so much for your business and support!

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We are located in beautiful upstate NY nestled in the hills of the Finger Lakes Region.
Our candles are all hand poured with lots of TLC and attention to detail! Realistic custom color blends as well as unique custom blends of fragrance are trademarks of Lizzy Candles. Each fragrance is tested and our candles are strongly scented to fill your home with an inviting aroma. All candles are topped with our signature shimmering dazzle dust for that ‘extra special touch’